Fandom Inspired Jewelry
By Jodi Zulueta

Check them out in the Supernatural section! There's a new Dean, 2 new Sams, 1 new castiel, 1 new gabriel, and a zachariah piece!!

Starting January 2 through all of 2018 - any subscription orders that come my way via one of y'all referring a friend or family member - YOU will receive an extra 3 months FREE!!!

If you refer someone to become an Eldwenniac, please ensure that they include your information as someone who referred them and I'll add an extra 3 months FREE to your subscription!!!

Please note - if a name isn't provided at the time of the subscription, the offer is negated. No retroactive names can be added.

I, Rebel is here!

Go To The I rebel section to see these designs! 

I rebel is about staying true to yourself, being strong, and living authentically.

These Designs Are very limited in quantity, so grab them while you can!


what people are saying

"I own 5 necklaces so far I want the whole collection absolutely love this jewelry and recommend it"

Lauren Wallace

"I was elated to see the shop set up at SeaCon! Jodi took the time to make me a "Castiel's Grace" when there were none left on display - I was so surprised she was willing to do that! I love my necklace and I've gotten a lot of compliments on it :) Thanks so much darling!"

Rebecca Pierce

"Absolutely adore my Castiel's Grace necklace! I wear it all the time now and her work is just stunning! The craftsmanship blows me away and she is just a great person to work with! I highly recommend this shop and Jodi for all your fandom jewellery wants and needs!"

Elizabeth Evans

Wear Your Fandom Proudly!

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About Me


I'm a handmade jewelry designer inspired by fandoms such as Supernatural, The Walking Dead, Once Upon a Time, Stranger Things, and MUCH MORE! I studied art and have been designing jewelry as far back as I can remember! My pieces are inspired by characters, quotes, and moments in these fandoms. Each piece is individually made, by me, for you. My designs are meant to evoke emotions. I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I enjoy making them!

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