Where Is Eldwenne's Fantasy?

My 2018 Convention Schedule

In addition to selling here in cyberspace, I also sell in person at all of the U.S. Creation Salute to Supernatural events!

My schedule for 2018 is as follows:

  • January 19-21 Orlando, FL

  • February 22-25 Las Vegas, NV

  • March 23-25 Seattle, WA

  • April 13-15 Nashville, TN - SUPERNATURAL

  • May 3-6 Chicago, IL - VAMPIRE DIARIES

  • June 8-10 Pittsburgh, PA - SUPERNATURAL

  • June 22-24 Chicago, IL - STRANGER THINGS

  • June 29-July 3 STRANGER THINGS - A Stranger Con Parsippany, NJ

  • July 12-15 Chicago, IL - SUPERNATURAL

  • Aug 16-19 Denver, CO - SUPERNATURAL

  • August 24-26 Charlotte, NC - SUPERNATURAL

  • September 20-23 Indianapolis, IN - SUPERNATURAL

  • September 28-30 Secaucus, NJ - SUPERNATURAL

  • October 12-14 Cleveland, OH - SUPERNATURAL

  • November 1-4 Minneapolis, MN - SUPERNATURAL

  • November 9-11 Nashville, TN - STRANGER THINGS

  • December 7-9 Jacksonville, FL -  SUPERNATURAL

I'm also in need of an assistant for the following:

    • June 8-10 Pittsburgh, PA

    • June 30-July 1 STRANGER THINGS - A Stranger Con Parsippany, NJ

    • July 13-15 Chicago, IL

    • September 21-23 Indianapolis, IN

    • September 28-30 Secaucus, NJ

    • October 12-14 Cleveland, OH

    • November 2-4 Minneapolis, MN

    • December 7-9 Jacksonville, FL

If you are interested in applying for this position, please use the Contact Me button with CONVENTION ASSISTANT and the city/convention in which you'd like to apply to work in the subject line.

PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING REGARDING THE POSITION - the successful applicant will be required to sign a contract with the below stated terms in order to work for me.

Responsibilities include the following:

  • Taking orders

  • Handling transactions

  • Writing out coupons

  • Speaking to customers about my products, Clifhanger products, and SPNFanmovie products

  • Running errands, if needed, such as coffee runs, etc.

  • Training by me will be provided on Friday morning regarding all products and responsibilities.


  • You must be prompt, reliable, and professional at all times, including towards fans, Creation staff, and myself.

  • Payment will be $100 in cash plus a vendor’s general admission pass worth $270.

  • This amounts to approximately $12.50/hr.

  • The bracelet will be provided when you first arrive. The $100 will be given to you at the end of the convention, at close of business on Sunday afternoon.

  • If I find any falsehoods in information provided, either before or during the convention, the position and vendor's pass will be revoked, and no payment will be provided.

  • If there are extended absences away from the table not approved by me, payment will be reduced by the time this person is away from the table. For example, if a 45 minute panel is approved and the person doesn’t return for 2 hrs, $12.50 will be deducted from the $100 cash payment.

  • If some or all of these requirements are not met, the vendor's pass will be taken away and payment will not be made.

  • I reserve the right to revoke the vendor's pass from anyone who violates the terms of the contract or any of Creation Entertainment’s policies and procedures at any time.


  • The successful applicant is responsible for ALL of their expenses including but not limited to:

  • Travel

  • Lodging

  • Food

  • Photo Ops

  • Autographs

  • Concert tickets

  • ANY other extras that are not accessible via the vendor’s pass, which is a general admission pass

  • I am not responsible for any costs incurred

Attending the Convention:

You will be welcome to attend panels/photo ops/autographs, however, there cannot be back-to-back panels attended without my approval.
After each panel/photo/auto you are expected to come right back to the table and continue to work.
No other person is allowed behind my table without my express permission
This is a great opportunity for you to gain experience behind the table and I will gladly provide excellent letters of recommendation for any endeavors you may need them for!

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